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Dear All
This site has moved to a face book page- Breast Intentions Mornington Peninsula Victoria Australia and Mornington Peninsula Womens Cancer Support. Breast Intentions still meet on the first Wednesday of the month 7 pm at The Bays Hospital Mornington excluding January. email
We also run 2 other groups under Mornington Peninsula Womens Cancer Support Group supporting all women with all cancers at The Bays Hospital first Wednesday of the month at 12.30 pm excluding January andat  The Bays Hospital Consulting Rooms Hastings coffee morning the third Tuesday of the month at 1030 am Regards Felicity Jo &Sue

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November Update

         November 2012 Update
Welcome to all. Sorry this is sooooooooooo late life has been very hectic leading up to the silly season already. Next meeting is at The Grand Hotel 7pm Wednesday 5th December please email or phone Sue or Jo  we have booked for 20 had about 10 rsvps which is about right usually J $10 maximum for Kris kringle.
Our thoughts are with you all undergoing treatment at this time… or awaiting results! It is a hectic enough time without the added stress of diagnosis treatment etc. Mine was a Christmas diagnosis… but a long time ago now. 10 years so there will be a party in September and you are all invited J
Our community freezer is STOCKED. After Yoga last week the group came round and had a cook up. Linda Mills husband Ken was trapped with 8 women in the kitchen and we had a ball. It was great for Ken as their family had received meals from the group in the past. Call Jo to pick up or drop off.
Had a great day at the Cancer Council today. They run fabulous update days for Community Support Groups I welcome anyone to come with Sue & I next time if you are interested in co facilitating the group. We are always looking for helpful people!!
The most important information to share is the 131120 Financial Planning Information. You will be linked with a professional who will help you navigate the world of financial planning with centrelink info, super, insurance, debt management, restructuring incomes and assets, estate planning and transition to retirement. They also have workplace advice and small business advice if you or your partners’ cancer diagnosis has impacted on any of the above. It sounds like a great FREE service.
Wine and breast cancer risk: StudyA glass of wine a day increases the chances of surviving breast cancer according to claims in an article in the news recently. The article cites a study of 13,000 women being treated for breast cancer that found evidence that, “a moderate intake of alcohol resulted in an improved prognosis.” The researchers at the University of Cambridge say their findings may have implications for counseling women being treated for breast cancer. Dr Paul Pharaoh of the Department of Public Health at Cambridge said, “What our study says is that it is reasonable, if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, to enjoy the occasional drink of alcohol. You shouldn’t feel that you should deny yourself the enjoyment of moderate alcohol.”Media source: The Australian - 8 November 2012
based link: Alcohol and cancer prevention position statement - Cancer Council Australia website
This article was in the Cancer Council newsletter…….. Remembering everything in moderation, we don’t want you waking up with ‘wine flu’ ………..
If you would like to subscribe or suggest a topic for the CISS Cancer News Weekly, please contact
Within the Cancer Information and Support unit, we regularly hear how challenging it is to have access to clinicians with psychosexual cancer expertise. In response to this gap in service, particularly for regional and rural cancer communities, we have collaborated with Dr Susan Carr and her wonderful team at Royal Women's Hospital to launch a pilot program that offers patients and/or their partners, the opportunity to explore emotional issues relating to sex, intimacy, body image and relationships after a cancer diagnosis.

This free telephone support service is provided by medical practitioners with specialist counselling training and can be accessed via the Cancer Council Helpline (13 11 20)

­­­A floor & pool exercise and support program will commenceMonday 4th February 2013 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. for 8 WEEKS concluding 25th March INPUT FITNESS CENTRE 224 CRANBOURNE ROAD FRANKSTON.Bookings are essential as numbers are limited. Cost: Gold coin donationEnquiries & enrolments: Judy Sammut 0404 208 714  or  9848 4650 Donna Ritchie 0402278681
Take care your friends at Breast Intentions

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Update 2012

Hi All

Welcome to April/May the weather is changing and it cant decide if it is winter or not !

Our next meeting is Wednesday May 2nd at The Bays 7pm.

Hoping that you are all managing this month.

We have a member in Somerville that could do with some meals dropped off – family of 4 eat anything!! If you can be of help J Also if there is something we can do for you..let us know J

Breast Intentions featured in the last Cancer Information and Support Services newsletter as a group profile. Sue and Jo also featured in a photo (by accident). It is a big file to attach so I have copied / pasted some info.


You are invited to a women's wellness evening to rejuvenate, reinvigorate and relax whilst raising much needed funds for the


Julie Regan: Nutrition       Joy Ball: Communication
Sally Ann Rackham: Movement       Jan Winslade: Relaxation
Raffle Tickets to be drawn on the night include prizes of: High Tea at Parliament House, Dinner for 2 at Morning Star Estate, an original painting, Tibetan Doll, Yoga blanket and more!
"Dolls 4 Tibet" will also be available for purchase


 Don’t forget Frankstons ‘ Young Womens Group’ Contact Dea for more information.
Deanne Davis []

The Mornington Peninsula Breast Cancer Support Group ( previously Beleura group) next meeting is Thursday April 12th at The Mornington Library Café 12.30-2pm.
Breacan Information:
Sleeping Soundly Monday 7 May 12–1.30pm Presenter: Justine Diggens
Information session on sleep, including cancer specific factors that contribute to sleep loss and some strategies to get a good night’s sleep.
Enhance Your Wellbeing Thursday 17 May 12-1.30pm Presenter: Dr Craig Hassed
Information session about elements of health and wellbeing that we can control including; what we eat; how active we are; our state of mind; how we relate to the world and those around us; and the environment we live in.
Managing Menopause after Cancer Thursday 31 May 11am–12.30pm Presenter: Prof Martha Hickey
Information session on the management of menopausal symptoms in women after a cancer diagnosis.

BCNA's Local Services Directory

Since its launch last year, BCNA's Local Services Directory has allowed health professionals and our members to list helpful breast cancer support services available in local communities.

Some examples of support and services that have been listed include:
•    hairdressers who provide assistance and/or a private space for those wanting to shave their hair prior to or during treatment
•    specialist lymphoedema massage therapists
•    gentle exercise programs
•    counselling services that may extend to families, as well as those diagnosed
•    wig and prosthesis suppliers.

To assist us in further populating the Directory, we need your help to list services that are available in your local area, as we know health professionals have a great knowledge of the resources and support services that are available.

To recommend a service that you know is helpful for women, or to search for breast cancer support services in your local area, please
visit our website.

If you have any questions regarding the Directory, please do not hesitate to contact BCNA on 1800 500 258.

Website of the week Macmillan merged with Cancerbackup in 2008. Together it provides quality assured, up-to-date cancer information, written by specialists for patients, relatives and carers. All booklets and resources are now free and available to all. Order online today

Breast Intentions Cancer Support Group

1.Tell us a little bit about you and your Cancer Support Group.
Breast Intentions, a support group for younger women, was formed in 2004 after Jo found that, during her treatment in 2003, being with a group of women around the same age was sensational! We met in each others homes, laughed, cried, hugged and had the odd chardonnay! As Jo ventured around the Peninsula she gathered women where ever she went. Unable to fit everyone in their homes, Jo had a chat to Sue, her Breast Care Nurse at the time, and together they approached The Bays, a community owned not for profit hospital where they both worked as midwives. The Bays was happy to support them in their venture! We have a newsletter, email and snail mail, a great library, a facebook page, attend the pub twice a year, run a BCNA minifield at the Food and Wine Festival and communicate with other local groups. The group decided in about 2005 that all women would be welcome as the other Breast Cancer Support Group on the Peninsula was held in the daytime and didn‟t suit working women. A Young Mums‟ Group is now up and running in Frankston. All the groups keep in communication and support each other where we can.
2. Describe your first week as a support group leader?
The first meeting was hilarious! We had spread flyers far and wide through the medical staff and the local hospitals. The first meeting was noisy, vibrant and fun. We had a mirror, swapped wigs, hats and chatted about managing side effects of treatment. The group picked the name from a list of suggestions and set the agenda, including pub nights. Cancer Council Victoria came to visit us early in the year and helped with questions and advice about running a group.
3. What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far in your role as a support group leader?
The first death in our group was an unexpected one over the first Christmas break. This was an especially sad time for us. Members getting a recurrence of their cancer is always a challenge. The thought of integrating early and advanced cancers was more intimidating than the actual practice! The women let as many or as few know as they wish, some will come and chat openly about their experience others quietly get on and don‟t share the experience.
4. What has been your greatest highlight to date as a support group leader?
The trip to Brisbane in 2009 with Jan and Gayle for Reach to Recovery, an international breast cancer survivors conference was amazing!! This led to an international volunteering experience in India and was the introduction to an international breast cancer world. There is still work to be done.
5. What words of wisdom would you give new support group leaders like yourself?
Don‟t crunch numbers… if only one person connects then it is worth it! Attend any education that you can to help you assist in the group. Cancer Council Victoria is great at this! Listen to the members…. The group is a dynamic community and will change as the members change. We survey our group every 12-24 months to try to keep up with their expectations. Remember that you can‟t please everyone all the time…. most is okay. Have a buddy or two to help with the work. The group should be able to function without you there if it is running well. This allows for holidays, unexpected time outs etc.
6. What does your group have planned for the year? We participated in Relay for Life this month (March)!! This year is our second so are much better organized!! Our Breast Cancer community is also involved with other groups and we run a wellness day where we share massage, relaxation and food. October will see a BCNA minifield at the Mornington Food and wine festival. We hope to have some guests speakers sharing their knowledge about communication, Lymphoedema and, of course, Pub nights.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Feb Newsletter

Welcome to the February 2012 newsletter.

Our thoughts are with all undergoing treatment at this time whether it be for the first or fourth time!!

Relay for Life March 24 & 25th at Mornington. Carol has registered breast intentions as a team!! Go to the website and join the team!! We need to be much more organized this year… need to organize an awesome baton…. Take the tent…. Take a BBQ and kettle …. Have music…. Bring the family…. Treats and snacks…….. Contact Carol for info

Breast Intentions are once again providing Afternoon Tea for survivors and carers. Please let Jo know if you can bring a plate to share… we will keep the leftovers for our tent!!!

Sharing the Scares photographic exhibition

My name is Terri-ann Varga, I am running a photographic exhibition supporting the NBCF and require willing models to be photographed, for the exhibition, who have had breast cancer. I am writing to ask for your support and hope that you will consider distributing this to women in your group who may wish to participate. Photographers will be taking photographs in various styles – a list of participating photographers and their web sites are attached as well as the event details. My style of work is more documentary (like the images of my mother in the document), so those who are comfortable to do something similar (though I’d like to do some more theatrical works as well). I would like to take the images in Feb and March, but yes the times would vary. I hope to shoot at a studio and/or at the model’s house. There are a couple of other photographers who would like models and I assume they would shoot at their studio or at the model’s house. When you send out the document perhaps you can advise them to let me know if they are happy, or not, to be photographed nude or partially nude or fully clothed. Any women would be great to photograph

Thanks so much once again – I look forward to hearing back from you. I sincerely hope that you may be able to help. Kind Regards Terri-ann Varga M. 0408 906 800

Sue & Jo attended a day at Cancer Council Vic (CCV) on the 20th Feb - the day included information about psychological reactions to cancer,depression, anxiety and suicide.

131120 the cancer council helpline is now open 9-5 Mon- Fri in line with other states. The service has specialist nurse access in breast cancer, prostate cancer and palliative care. They are also a great resource for referral.

CCV also has a financial assistance program with one off grants of $200-$250 for people undergoing treatment and financial hardship. Call 131220 for information.

CCV Arts Awards 2012 close 27 April. for more info and online application or phone 1300656585.Express your cancer story creatively.

Categories include:

Childrens Art up to 12 years, Childrens group Art up to 12 years, Childrens Writing up to 12 years, Youth Art 13-18, Youth Writing 13-18, Indigenous Visual Art,Poetry, Visual Art, Short Story & film.

Lifeline 131114 is a 24 hour call service for people to phone when having issues around these topics. They are a referral service who has access to a huge data base that can be tapped into.

There is also online chat Mon-Thurs 7.30-10.30pm

We also met a psychologist Elle - who new to the Peninsula. Currently she is assisting an 8 week course at Frankston library ‘Book Well”. It is a program that aims to share the pleasure and power of reading. They hope the program will be of benefit to those on their cancer journey. You can join at anytime. Friday 2nd, 9th, 16th, & 23rd March telephone 97681678

Elle is passionate about providing services to the Peninsula both as a volunteer and a private psychologist, working from Peninsula Oncology ( where radiotherapy is) 97815244

BREACAN: Bookings Essential for all sessions: 1300 781 500

Young Women

Supported by a generous donation of over $14,000 from The Young Ones, BreaCan will be planning specific programs for young women with breast cancer in 2012. If you were diagnosed with breast cancer under 45 years of age and have ideas of programs that would meet your needs or those of other young women, we’d love to hear from you. Just send us an email to or call us on 1300 781 500.

Your Immune System and Cancer Wednesday 14 March 10.30am–12pm

In this session, Professor Cebon will talk about the link between the immune system and cancer, immunotherapy and the current research being undertaken to develop new treatments that target cancer cells.

Creative Writing Workshop Wednesday 21 March 11am–2pm

The workshop will include a discussion on what stories mean to people and why we share them, as well as writing exercises to kick start the creative process. No prior writing experience or skill necessary.

What it Means to Have a Family History of Cancer Monday 26 March 12–1.30pm

A cancer diagnosis is difficult enough, but factor in a family history of breast or ovarian cancer and the issues and complexities increase significantly.

The Two Of Us: a session for women and their partners Thursday 29 March 6.45–8.30pm

We know partners’ needs are often overlooked when a woman is diagnosed with cancer. Women and their partners are invited to come along and talk about the practical and emotional issues for couples dealing with the consequences of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Making Connections for women living with advanced breast & gynaecological cancers.

The two of us: a session for women living with advanced cancer and their partners Thursday April 19th 6.45-8.30pm

Advanced cancer and Bones: New treatments for bone metastases in advanced breast cancer, current thinking and management strategies. Thursday May 10th 11am-12.30pm

Here and Now: a free 8 week course offering women with advanced disease the opportunity to discuss a range of issues in a safe , confidential and supportive environment. Planned for 2012 please call 1300 781 500.

The Living Centre Think Pink in St Kilda Rd are running days of indulgence for women undergoing treatment: please phone 0398202888 to book or email





(NO CLASS MON 12TH MARCH, LABOUR DAY)Upstairs 843-849 Pt Nepean Rd




(Mat & Blanket supplied)


We have upgraded the library feel free to borrow…. And for those who have our books lurking in your cupboards please return or you will get a phonecall soon…..

The results from the survey will be discussed at the next meeting.

Take care Cheers the mob at Breast Intentions.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome 2012

Our last get together 2011 was at the Grand Hotel for Christmas dinner. A good night was had by all! We were fortunate enough to all have a little gift from Santa as well as Kris Kringle! There are still a few left that will be at the February Meeting. We also had 2 massages raffled. Congratulations to the winners!!

We know that it is a difficult time for many of you beginning your treatments or undergoing ongoing treatment for a recurrence. Our thoughts are with you all.

Remember Encore starts February 6th! For the uninitiated it is an 8 week program designed specifically for women who have experienced breast cancer. We are fortunate to have a programme running at Frankston Monday 1-3pm at Input Fitness 224 Cranbourne Rd. Enquiries Judy Sammut 0404208714 or 98484650

Relay for Life March 24 & 25th at Mornington. Carol has registered breast intentions as a team!! Go to the website and join the team!! We need to be much more organized this year… need to organize an awesome baton…. Take the tent…. Take a BBQ and kettle …. Have music…. Bring the family…. Treats and snacks…….. Contact Carol for info 0428236404

Look Good Feel Better will now be held at The Bays Hospital. This is a fantastic day put on by the cosmetic industry for any women undergoing cancer treatment. Dates for 2012 are Tuesday 10th April – 8.30am-12.15, Tuesday 10th July – 8.30am-12.15pm,Tuesday 2nd October – 8.30a.m – 12.15p.m and Tuesday 11th December – til 12.00p.m.

Contact Tarnya Phone: (03) 9306 7722 Email: or

Sue attended the cancer Council Vic Support Group Leaders day in December. As a group we have certain obligations to remain recognized with CCVic . They provide us with support in the way of referrals and education for people interested in group facilitation. There is a group in the Yarra Valley ‘Ladies in Pink” who would like to be our ‘sister group’ and share information. Maybe some day trips to Yarra valley coming up lots of wineries up there too??

We also have our ongoing relationship with BCNA as a member group, they too offer resources to help. Don’t forget the online forum

We have ordered books to update the library- if you have one you would like us to order let us know please.

We are also looking for members to help out in the group, if you have skills you would like to share please let us know.

Sometime during the year we will make tags for the Mini field days in October at a regular meeting.

We need to pick a date for the Eldon Park Day when Yoga By The Bay girls and friends to our group will come for a day to give massage, meditation and reiki free of charge. BI will cover the cost of the venue and we will all bring food to share J

We need more recipies!!! Last chance to return in the mail with questionnaire or email by February 1st PLEASE. The plan is for Mothers day publishing and all monies go to our Peninsula Wig Library!!

Next Meeting at The Bays Wed 1st Feb 7pm see you there

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

August Update

August Update 2011.

Dear All

Welcome to our new members and those new to the newsletter as well! Our thoughts are with all of you as we know there are some challenges happening at the moment!

Our next meeting is Wednesday September 7th at the Bays Hospital 7pm for 7.30. Gillian is going to have a chat about her experience at The Gawler Foundation, which will be fabulous.

A great night last month with Julie regan speaking about nutrition- I have attached her handout for your interest. Julie runs courses Food Fix at Morning Star Estate, Mt Eliza.

Jo and Deanne along with Kate Smith ( wig library) and Heather and Linda ( Peninsula Dragonflys) attended the BCNA National Member group Summit in August. It was a fabulous chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones as well. We spent time with Jann Barkers friend Sue from up North. The days were long 7:30 start and 5: 30 finish! There were some inspiring speakers about women making a difference in society as well as helpful hints to rejuvenate us! We ventured out to Fitzroy Street and ended up at The Espy for a beer. The ‘farewell dinner for Lynne was at Powerhouse and Jo won a prize for the most uninhibited dancer (or as Dee said the daggiest dancer) no alcohol involved that night but flat shoes!!

Our day of healing is SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 10th. It is a free day for you to come for all or part of the day 930-4.30 to experience some relaxation, massage, exercise, meditation, Reiki and perhaps some singing as well. The Yoga girls will bring lunch, if you could bring a plate of morning or afternoon treat to share that would be fantastic. Fruit platters, cheese as well as sweet treats. RSVP please but you can also come on the day or cancel if you are not well. Held at Eldon Park, Graydens Rd Tyabb. Phone/email Jo if any queries. You may like to share driving??

Linda Mills, Kate Smith and Jo attended Raelene Boyles happy 60th with 1000 of her closest friends on July 1st. It raised $430.00 for BCNA! We thought we may leave early as we were all a bit tired but managed to stay till 1:30am!!

October will be busy. Mornington Food and Wine festival is Sunday 16th, the paperwork was submitted late so not sure if we have secured a place, will let you and the Peninsula Dragonflies know.

Cruden Farm Mini Field Morning Tea raising funds for the wig library is Friday 21st we will run the BCNA table for them. Time is 10.30 and cost $15 (I think).

Breacan in October are offering:

Monday 10 October 11am–2pm

Ever wanted to write a journal, delve into prose or poetry or tell your story for posterity? This workshop will provide opportunities to try different creative writing exercises sure to help get your pen flowing across the page! It will be facilitated by Adele Hulse, former columnist with The Age, under the pseudonym Sharon Gray. Come prepared to write by hand, or bring a laptop if you prefer. Priority will be given to those women who have not participated in a Wordplay session before. Lunch will be provided, bookings essential.

Understanding a Naturopath’s Approach

Monday 17 October 12–1.30pm

“Natural” does not automatically make something safe. Naturopathy is a widely used complementary approach to dealing with fatigue, depression, anxiety and stress. Ann-Maree Bortoli and Sofie Mikosa, Naturopaths and Herbalists from Melbourne Holistic Health, will talk about these issues, as well as the symptoms of menopause, and discuss the new evidence on the role and safety of phyto-oestrogens in a very down to earth session. Bookings essential.


Monday 31 October 12–1.30pm

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of meditation: clearer thinking, reduced stress, better health, relief from pain, deep relaxation and so on. Join Debbie Ling from the Melbourne Meditation Centre for an introductory session on “What Is Meditation?” so that you can learn how to effectively relax the body and calm the mind. Bookings essential.

Caring for Our Personal Energy

Thursday 27 October 4–6pm

Our energy is our greatest asset and resource. It is the gift of ourselves that we give to others and it is our gift to ourselves. When we are not energetically engaged we are going through the motions of life. At the point at which we run out of energy, we are no longer e_ective in our lives or able to take care of ourselves properly. Therefore it is important to have an understanding of how to manage our personal energy for our own wellbeing. Liz Crocker, an experienced psychologist, will present this session. Liz specialises in providing support to people dealing with cancer and assisting them to feel empowered in coping with their disease, its treatment and changes in their health.

From BCNA website :Do recurring cancers in women with breast cancer differ from their initial cancer?

Researchers from Fox Chase Cancer Centre in the United States have found that when a woman is diagnosed with a recurrence of breast cancer, their second tumour will vary from their initial tumour, and that health professionals should tailor the treatment to the second tumour not the first. The results highlighted that when researchers compared the first and second tumours, they found that the majority differed in key characteristics including whether the tumour will respond to hormone treatment. The results also highlighted that the amount of time being cancer free did not affect whether there were any differences between the first and second tumour. To read the abstract, visit Science Daily’s website. The research highlights the importance of pathology and how this can help to deliver a tailored regime to women diagnosed with breast cancer. To help you understand your pathology report, BCNA has developed a Pathology Fact Sheet as well as a Glossary of Pathology Terms.

Attitude - what is it?

Attitude is formed from your perception of the world.

Depending on how you perceive the world you will interpret and react differently to situations than someone who has a different view. Your attitude will affect how you think, how you feel and how you behave. Below is a quotation that you may like to reflect on to keep life in perspective and to keep you emotionally balanced. Enjoy!

Attitude, to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than appearance, than giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company, a home, a relationship.

The remarkable thing is, we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.

We cannot change our past. We cannot change the inevitable.

The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.

I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it!

Author -unknown.

Stay Balanced

Joy Ball

Family Counsellor Mornington Peninsula PH: 0422 311 089 E:

W: familycounsellormornington


Recommendations from NSW Cancer Council

§ Maintain a healthy body weight

§ Be physically active for at least 30 minutes, most days of the week, including some vigorous activity

§ Aim for at least 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables each day

§ Eat a variety of wholegrain, wholemeal and high-fibre foods such as cereals, breads, rice and pasta

§ Include dairy servings

§ Have moderate amounts of lean red meat and limit or avoid processed meat

§ Limit or avoid drinking alcohol

§ Choose foods low in salt, sugar and trans fats.

In summary:

Eat more

· Fruit, vegetables

· Whole grains - fibre – women: 25g, men 30g)

· Omega-3 fats

fish, walnuts, flax seeds & their oils, scallops, tofu, eggs, beans, (e.g. kidney beans) EVOO, krill oil

· Mono-unsaturated fats

olives, cold pressed olive oil, avocadoes/ oil, peanuts, its oil & butter, cashew nuts

· Some natural saturated fats

coconut oil, milk (and low fat), cream, butter, hard cheese (& low fat), sesame oil

Vital vitamins and nutrients

· Vitamin D3

· Calcium

· Folate

· Resveratrol – red grapes, green tea, nutmeg, garlic, all berries, tomato, kale, cherries, turmeric, parsley, artichokes

· Beta-carotene

· Selenium

Limit or eliminate

· processed and refined carbohydrates – especially sugar

· all hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils

· Industrially processed liquid oils such as soy, corn, safflower, cottonseed and canola

· Trans fats – fats & oils (especially vegetable oils) heated to high temperatures in processing and frying.

· Fatty processed meats – sausages, frankfurts, salami, bacon and ham. High in nitrates

· 65-100g cooked meat 3-4 times a week

· baked cereal-based foods such as cakes, pastries and biscuits

· salt

Healthy and/ or protective

PP= probable protection PS=possible

Unhealthy and/ or increase risk

PI= probable increased risk

Both/ questionable


Overweight/ obesity

Fruit and vegetables

Fibre/ whole grains

Sugar, processed & refined foods

Calcium (dairy)

Limited, suggestive risk

Benefits outweigh unproven risks


Too much red meat, burnt meat


Omega-3 fats

Saturated fats

Saturated fats – natural

Mono-unsaturated fats

Polyunsaturated fats

Polyunsaturated fats

Polyunsaturated fats

Soy – phyto-oestrogens *

PS prostate & stomach

Soy – phyto-oestrogens


Tea and green tea





Other antioxidants

Vitamin D – sun exposure

Too much sun

Alcohol, smoking

Salt (P - stomach cancer)

* Include: Isoflavonoids - found in legumes, with soy beans being the richest source.

Lignans - a constituent of dietary fibre, found mainly in nuts, seeds, legumes, cereals, vegetables, fruits.

Additives to Avoid

Artificial colours



Flavour enhancers

102 tartrazine

200-203 sorbic acid and sorbates

310-312 gallates

620-625 Glutamates, MSG, HVP, HPP

104 quinoline yellow

210-213 benzoic acid & benzoates

319 TBHQ

627 Disodium guanylate

107 yellow 2G

220-228 sulphur dioxide & sulphites

320 BHA

631 Disodium inosinate

110 sunset yellow

249-252 nitrates, nitrites

321 BHT

635 Ribonucleotides

122 carmoisine

280-283 propionic acid & propionates

123 amaranth

124 ponceau

127 erythrosine

Natural colour

160b annatto

Julie Regan BAppSc (PE) GDipHumNut



Peninsula Health Care Network (Frankston Hospital) will be offering a Living with Cancer Education Program this year. More information will follow when available. Several gals have been to these up in the city and have found them beneficial. There are sometimes separate sessions for when cancer has returned as well as an ‘early’ diagnosis.

Wig Library Recipe Book. We have received some great recipes and are still looking for more. If you would like to add a line about why it’s your favourite, or why it’s a wonderful idea for women to support other women through fundraising for the wig library we would like to hear from you. Sally Ann’s email to send them to is: Sally Ann is our Pilates teacher who prints our brochure for free and will do the recipe book as well for free. This means all monies raised will go to the wig library!

Jo, Sue, Chris and your mates at Breast Intentions